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RUDO tequilas are the latest addition to our catalog. They are high quality products, their elaboration is handmade with 100% Agave tequilas.

Produced entirely by sugars from the Weber tequilana blue Agave, in the state of Jalisco. Presentation with an attractive personality in semi-handmade bottle and wooden cap. In combat these tequilas are unrivaled.

We present them in their 3 varieties. The White Tequila, the Reposado that has been aged 4 months in Bourbon barrels and the Añejo that has been aged for 18 months also in Bourbon barrels.

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We present the new creams of tequila with strawberry and tequila with mango, from Maxica. A gourmet drink that combines the character of tequila with the sweetness and softness of the cream. For lovers of tequila and also for those who are looking for something more tender in their glasses.

The new Maxica tequila creams are made with the authentic Mexican tequila, from blue agave grown in the sun in Mexican lands. Combined with a dairy base, these creams soften the flavors of tequila. Its aroma with soft fruity touches awakens the senses, the creaminess of its texture offers a pleasant mouthfeel that ends with a mild flavor but with character. Quite an experience for the palate.


We present our new range of Japanese whiskey, a high quality product that will undoubtedly surprise more than one expert.

Japan is a country of fascinating contrasts in which you can both have a delicious eel with sake in the surroundings of the Tsukiji market at five in the morning and taste its most precious 'whiskeys' in bars decorated with the most avant-garde design. Excellent 'whiskeys' made there and that, of course, we can also enjoy in the West and have come to become a reference worldwide.