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We present our new range of Japanese whiskey, a product of the highest quality that will undoubtedly surprise more than one expert.

Japan is a country of fascinating contrasts in which you can both have a delicious eel with sake for breakfast in the surroundings of the Tsukiji market at five in the morning and taste its most precious 'whiskeys' in bars decorated with the most avant-garde design. Excellent whiskies made there and, of course, we can also enjoy in the West and have come to become a worldwide reference.

Welcome to a journey of no return.

Submerged between boiling lava and mysteries.
The perfect alchemy capable of seducing anyone has been forged.
Some have already tried, but no one can do the same.
It is time for you to meet this creation.

Thanks to the ancient and careful harvesting of grapes by hand, and
a distillation carried out in copper stills, is achieved
obtain a pisco with aroma, flavor, texture and quality never seen before.